Chrondox‘ innovative Task-Management solution makes selecting the most important task hassle-free for everyone. With Chrondox your tasks are prioritized in the best possible way - always.


We invented the Timing InfluenceTM value to revolutionize how we prioritize tasks today. Our Task-Management solution shows every users‘ timely influence on the work that has to be done and the effect that a delay will have. For the first time, this value really shows why a certain task is the most important one.

Task selection

Chrondox provides every user a personal list with the best order of tasks. The list is based on real-time data. So if things change, you will immediately know how to respond. Our Task-Management solution helps to save time by organizing your work-life. Making it a little more perfect.

Task allocation

Many times you have to allocate tasks, but you are wondering who is the right person to pass it on to? Chrondox assists you in your decision by providing the relevant data about required skills and the current workload of your employees, and making a recommendation of the best one to choose.


Chrondox organizes all the relevant data in meaningful up-to-date reports for managers and employees.

Management Reports

Our reports for managers give a great overview of the current and past progress that has been achieved. They assist in improving decision making by identifying potential planing errors and working patterns.

Employee Reports

Every user receives personal reports on their work-progress. Here, our focus is on delivering clearly structured and easy to interpret results that help every user to make better informed decisions. It is our goal to motivate and enable employees to work on the right task at the right time.

Better decisions

Our reports help to make better decisions based on facts - not just gut feeling. We add meaning to all the numbers by translating them into conclusive real-time charts and diagrams. The reports help you to analyze the information quicker and to respond faster.

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Chrondox Task-Management has a stunningly simple and intuitive user interface. You get everything you need for a perfect everyday Task Management - nothing more, nothing less.

Hassle free

Chrondox Task-Management makes it simple to select, allocate and plan your tasks. Our highly intuitive User Interface allows you to easily add a task, change your current progress or to make a well informed decision for selecting the next task within seconds. You will love to work with Chrondox Task-Management!

Worry free updates

We continuously improve our software to make our customers even more happy. You will receive feature and functionality enhancements immediately after successful testing. The updates are installed automatically for SaaS customers and On-Premise solutions with a remote access option.

Customer support

We aim to provide you the best possible service. To us this means, that you will always talk to a real person who loves to help you and you won‘t receive standardized answers for your individual requests. We always love to hear about your opinion, so contact us if you have any remarks or questions.

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Make use of all the information that is available to you, by seamlessly integrating Chrondox Task-Management with other software applications you already use.

Keep using your tools

You love the calendar software you are working with? Great - keep using it. We want you to keep working with the software you love. Chrondox Task-Management simply makes use of data that you already have to make the task prioritization as precise as possible.

Software that we already support

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Are you missing something in our Task-Management solution? Tell us! We will be happy to customize our software to your needs.

Feature customization

You love our software, but you are missing a feature? No problem - we will customize features you need. Contact us with your request!

API customization

You would love to work with us, but you need another software application to be integrated into Chrondox Task-Management? No problem - we can connect our software to more applications. Tell us what you need!

Individual Constrains

We can customize our solution for specific work processes that you need to fulfil for organizational or legal constrains. Chrondox can adapt the workflow rules that we define in close collaboration with you.

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Are you looking for a web based solution or do you want to host it on your server? We provide you both options.

SaaS On-Premise
Accessibility Login and access Chrondox Task Management from any web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox). Login and access Chrondox Task Management from any web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox).
Access Control Access is limited via the provided log-in system as well as account based limitations. Access is limited via the provided log-in system as well as account based limitations.
Data Management Chrondox stores the data on our highly secure SaaS servers. Chrondox stores and secures the data on your local server.
Security The system runs on our secure SaaS servers. All data is encrypted and an automated prevention measures for various attacks, data theft and data loss are in place. The system runs on your server securely behind your firewall and organizational security policies.
Scalability The SaaS solution supports 1000s of accounts. The On-Premise solution supports 1000s of accounts.
Upgrades Updates are installed automatically. Updates are installed via remote access or by the client.
Maintenance Chrondox takes care of the server maintenance. Server belongs to and is maintained by the client.
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